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Always an absolute pleasure and blessing to be part of WBTT, in this Production of The MountainTop, Directed by Chuck Smith!

Camae is played by Emerald Rose Sullivan, who has been featured in several of Smith’s productions, including “Knock Me a Kiss” and “The Piano Lesson.” It’s a finely tuned performance. Her Camae is beautiful, chatty, opinionated and constantly apologizing for her use of profanity, as she teases and lightly mocks King for his human failings.
Jay Handelman, Herald Tribune

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The short film is narrated in a rap-like song by Camae, who doesn’t miss a beat, stating names, songs, quotes and newsworthy events. I found the footage very moving. Ms Sullivan was playful, bold and secure in her role of Camae, which was equal in stature to that of Mr. Murtadha. They performed exceptionally well opposite each other and truly breathed life into the characters they portrayed.
Carolan Trbovich, Broadway World

Sullivan captured all the fire in Camae particularly in a truly magnificent monologue delivered in King’s shoes and coat pacing back and forth on the motel bed. She also kept the heavy subject matter of the play light and surprisingly very funny delivering some of the best irreverent lines.
Bonnie Greenball Silvestri, Anything Arts

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